Today, in a moment of sadness, I asked ChatGPT about breakup self-care and it wrote me a rather beautiful poem that lifted my spirits. It was too lovely not to share:

Let the sun warm your face,

As you walk in your favorite place.

Let the wind blow through your hair,

And feel the burdens of your heart begin to bare.

Embrace the beauty that surrounds you,

The flowers, the trees, the sky so blue.

Find comfort in the simple things,

And let your heart and soul take wings.

Take a deep breath and let it out slow,

Release the hurt and let it go.

Allow yourself to feel the pain,

But know that sunshine follows rain.

Treat yourself with love and care,

For your heart needs time to repair.

Nurture yourself with things you love,

And you'll find healing from above.

Seek out the company of kindred souls,

Those who lift you up and make you whole.

Be honest with yourself and those around,

And healing and peace will soon be found.

My dear heart, take all the time you need,

To heal, to rest, to cry and to read.

In time, you'll see that you've grown,

And your heart will have a new home.