I've been falling backwards into the unknown, all year long.

This year has been a constant trust fall into the universe, over and over again. Life keeps presenting me with situations that are lovingly (and firmly) reminding me to surrender to the flow. It's hard, but every time it happens, it's a valuable lesson in letting go and letting life unfold.

Sometimes when I feel like I need a message of encouragement, I pull a card from one of my decks. This week, I woke up and felt the urge to pull a card. This is what I pulled:

Trust the Timing: Trust the wave you came in on. Time is not running out.

The only way to miss your life or your moment is to spend your time worrying about missing it. It's never too late to answer a calling and you're never too old.

The tides of your life are magnificently orchestrated to come in and out in perfect unison. Don't race ahead and ride a wave that was never meant for you. You'll waste your precious time and energy when instead you could be enjoying your life. Everything has a season and you're being called to trust the one you're in.

Right now, you're being reminded to take a breath and trust the wave you came in on. To trust the season you're in. Time isn't running out. There's plenty of time. There's no rush and it's never too late.

I've pulled this card many times before. And every time I do, it's a much needed reminder. It's so easy to get lost in memories of the past and swept away by thoughts of what *might* happen in the future. I've created so much suffering for myself by wishing that my present moment was different than it was.

At this moment, I've never felt so much peace in my heart. I feel content - with more confidence, courage and love for myself than ever before. Not because I've had an easy life, free of problems, or because I get what I want. It's because I've learned the power of leaning into my fears and pushing past them. Beyond the fear, there is so much more - a whole world of possibility!

I've learned to observe my insecurities and understand them better, instead of shoving them down like I used to. All of the hard, challenging things I've gone through (especially in the last year!) has shown me just how resilient I actually am. How capable I am of moving through really hard things. And how important it is to give myself grace when I mess up and the space to feel however I feel without judgement. But probably most important is that I've learned to trust myself and the way I navigate life, trusting the ebb and flow of my life.

If you're going through something difficult right now, I am sending you so much love and I hope you remember how much you have to offer the world, just being being you. I love you.