the intimacy project is something that is near and dear to my heart.

what began as a passion project with a former lover has turned into my own inquiry of intimacy. 

this inquiry has left me wondering:

what is intimacy? 

what does it actually mean to be intimate with another?

with yourself?

what i’ve discovered is that true intimacy cannot exist without vulnerability, authenticity and trust. 

that intimacy not only exists in sensuality and sexuality, but also in grief. 

it exists in self-expression.

it exists in the emotional, physical, and spiritual realms.

it exists in creativity.

it exists in the way we love others. 

the way we love ourselves.

the way we share ourselves the world.

the way we drink in life and embrace the experience of being a human.


as i delve deeper into this exploration of intimacy and of self, i invite you to join me.

my exploration will largely consist of capturing the essence of intimacy, as expressed through one of the most

exquisite pieces of art: the human body. 

are you ready to explore with me?

- energetic exchange - 

  • as a model, you will receive a set of photos from your shoot, free of charge, to use however you like

  • i will use these photos in my intimacy project & portfolio (specific images will be agreed upon by both parties before use)

  • together we will co-create a safe space for exploration, self-expression and creativity


the photos below are not mine - just meant to be used as inspo for this project. :)